Letter From the Editors-in-Chief

Volume 22 • December 2021


Dear Readers of OJHMS,

We are proud to present to you this 22nd edition of the Orthopaedic Journal at Harvard Medical School (OJHMS). We are thrilled to dedicate this year’s Journal to Dr. Peter M. Waters, Chief of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital and world-renowned pediatric hand surgeon who has dedicated his entire professional career to the Harvard orthopaedic surgery community.

OJHMS, Editors-in-Chief, Derek S. Stenquist, MD and Caleb M. Yeung, MDWe stand on the shoulders of our predecessors who first conceived and published this resident-produced journal in the late 1990s. Due to feedback from our community, we are now excited to be accepting submissions for online publication year-round on a rolling basis with periodic collations as discrete online journal editions. We are thankful to our community for their ongoing support through the COVID-19 pandemic and we are continually seeking feedback and input from our readers and contributors to improve. One of these improvements has been the broadening of our reviewer group, which now includes reviewers from multiple institutions around the world.

We would like to thank all the members of our entire editorial staff, especially our Managing Editors, Dr. Alexander M. Crawford and Dr. Matthew S. Fury, for their tireless work in helping to produce this journal. We are indebted as always to our extraordinary medical illustrator, Ms. Nicole Wolf, for the beautiful journal cover and attention to detail throughout the production process. We are also grateful for the mentorship and guidance of Staff Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Jay M. Zampini, and Staff Managing Editor, Dr. Joseph P. DeAngelis, for their continued support at the faculty level for our endeavors. Our thanks also go to the Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Residency Program (HCORP) Executive Committee, faculty, and alumni for their support and contributions to the Journal. Last, but not least, we are grateful for our colleagues across the country who have contributed to the authorship and readership of our journal.

It has been a wonderful experience to work on the Journal throughout our time at HCORP, and it has been an honor to serve as Editors-in-Chief this year. To our editorial board, readers, and contributors: your feedback and involvement with the Journal are invaluable, and this publication would not be possible without you.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy reading this edition!


Derek S. Stenquist, MD
Caleb M. Yeung, MD