Letter from the Editors-in-Chief

Dr. Sang D. Kim
Terrill P. Julien, MD

Volume 15, Letter from the Editors | Letter from the Editors, 2012-13 PDF

It is with great pleasure to present the 2013 edition of The Orthopedic Journal at Harvard Medical School.  Now in its fifteenth year of publication, the journal has continued to evolve and provide a window into the Harvard Affiliated teaching hospitals.  The Harvard Orthopaedic community is comprised of many talented clinicians, scientists, and support staff. We thank them for their contributions to this year’s edition, marvel at the breadth and depth of their work, and congratulate them on their efforts.


This past academic year saw several challenges from work-hour restriction reform to the evolution of core competencies.  None of us will ever forget the tremendous outpouring of support and dedication from the members of the Harvard Orthopaedic community on the afternoon of April 15th, 2013 during the Boston Marathon bombings.  The call to duty and embodiment of the Hippocratic Oath we all swore was seen in true display as residents and staff at every level put the care of the patients first and delivered compassionate care  until the early morning and continued care for the ensuing months.  It was my proudest day to call myself a Harvard Orthopedic resident.


The 2013 edition represents a major investment of time and expertise on the part of the faculty, fellows and residents who submit articles for the clinical content and on the part of the department chiefs who summarize the vast clinical and research work at their institutions. Special thanks are reserved for the Harvard Executive Committee who have come together to financially support the journal.  The addition of Dr. George Dyer, a former Editor-in-Chief of The Orthopedic Journal, as the new Program Director gives the editorial board continued optimism and direction for future publications.


This year, The Orthopedic Journal is dedicated to Dr. Barry Simmons as a tribute to his enthusiasm for teaching, mentorship of residents and fellows, academic achievements, and outstanding patient care. As both a mentee and former resident on the Hand and Upper Extremity Service at BWH, we can attest to his clinical wisdom, surgical skill, and tireless dedication to both residents and patients. Dr. Simmons is worthy of our highest accolades, and I am happy that we may provide a forum to recognize his contributions to our community.


Finally, we wish to thank our fellow editors – Eric Fu, Shawn Anthony, Carl Harper, Beverlie Ting, Lauren Ehrlichman, Youssra Marjoua and Ehsan Saadat – as well as  Jennifer Duane and Nicole Wolf for their dedication, camaraderie, and hard work. We have been fortunate to work with you and wish you all the best in future years.




Terrill P. Julien, MD


Bryce T. Wolf, MD

2013 Harvard Orthopaedic Journal