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Volume 20 • June 2019


Impact of Patient Age on Patient Reported Outcome Measures Following Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

Sravya Vajapeyajula, MD, Kirsten D. Garvey, MS, Elizabeth G. Matzkin, MD

High-Yield Orthopaedics: A New Orthopaedic In-Training Examination (OITE) Review Handbook for Residents

Hai V. Le, MD, Patrick K. Cronin, MD, Stella J. Lee, MD, Shaina A. Lipa, MD, Bonnie Y. Chien, MD Nishant Suneja, MD, George S.M. Dyer, MD, FACS

Physician Self-Assessed Empathy Does Not Correlate with Patient Perceptions of Physician Empathy

Anne-Britt E. Dekker, MD, Mark Keulen, MD, Gregg Vagner, MD, Matt Driscoll, MD, Brannan Smoot, MD, Sean Gallagher, MD, Teun Teunis, MD PHD, Tom Crijns, MS, David Ring, MD PhD, Lee M.Reichel, MD


Tibial Post Fracture in Revision Posterior Stabilized Total Knee Arthroplasty

Bryant Bonner, MD, Shaun S. Patel, MD, Jeffrey Lange, MD


A Brief Guide to Initial Management of Orthopedic Injuries in the Emergency Department

Harry M. Lightsey, IV, MD*, Caleb M. Yeung, MD*, Arvind von Keudell, MD

The Orthopaedic Journal at Harvard Medical School Cover, Volume 20, June 2019