Table of Contents

Volume 16 • June 2015


In Memorium: E. Amory Codman

Jonathan B. Ticker, MD, William J. Mallon, MD, Laurence D. Higgins, MD, James H. Herndon, MD, Jon J.P. Warner, MD


The Emergence of Augmented Reality in Orthopaedic Surgery and Education

Dustin K. Baker, BS, Charles T. Fryberger, BS, Brent A. Ponce, MD

Development of a Smartphone Web-based Pain Diary to Collect Data on Pain Level and Medications Taken in Children Following Injury or Surgery

John D. Cahoy, MD, PhD, Anneliese Lierhaus, BS, Matthew D. Riedel, MD, Marie Harris, MPH, Rachel L. Difazio, PNP, PhD, Susan T. Mahan, MD, MPH

Compensation and Satisfaction in Orthopaedics

Emily J. Curry, BA, Randall Rieger, PhD, Elizabeth G. Matzkin, MD

Financial Payments for Lumbar Spine Surgery

Rui Wang, BA, Katiri Wagner, MS, Andrew P. White, MD, Kevin J. McGuire, MD, MS

Occupational Sharps Exposures Among Orthopaedic Surgery Residents: A Multi-institutional Survey Study

Dafang Zhang, MD, Ehsan Saadat, MD, George S. M. Dyer, MD, Mitchel B. Harris, MD

Effective Use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Evaluation of Knee Pain

Eric D. Fornari, MD, Jay Saillant, MD, Isi Obadan, MD, MPH, Caroline H. Hu, BA, Elizabeth G. Matzkin, MD


Retained Knife Blade in the Popliteal Fossa: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Timilehin O. Wusu, MD, Natalie Casemyr, MD, Mostafa Abousayed, MD, Malcolm R. Smith, MD, John Y. Kwon, MD

Proprionibacterium acnes infection complicating the operative treatment of clavicle fractures

Arvind G. von Keudell, MD, Sandra B. Nelson, MD, Jesse B. Jupiter, MD

Atraumatic Lumbosacral Fusion Mass Fracture: Bisphosphonates to Blame?

Heeren Makanji, MD, Ahmer Ghori ,MD, Gregory W. Brick, MBChB

Radiation-Associated Sarcoma of Bone: A Report of Two cases and Review of the Literature

Lauren K. Ehrlichman, MD, Caleb M. Yeung, BA, Erin F. Gillespie, MD, Mark C. Callanan, MD, John E. Ready, MD, Marco L. Ferrone, MD


The “Magneto View”: A Simple Method for Obtaining Intraoperative Axial Radiographs of the Calcaneus

Erik T. Newman, MD, Brian A. Kelly, MD, and Edward K. Rodriguez, MD, PhD


Patient Perception of Trustworthy Sources for Injury Research

Elizabeth J. Bennett, Shannon E. Hogan, Nicholas H. Page, Mark S. Vrahas, MD

The Orthopaedic Journal at Harvard Medical School Cover, Volume 16, June 2015