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Volume 18 • June 2017


Assessment of Current Narcotic Prescriptions in Orthopaedics at Boston Children’s Hospital

Susan T. Mahan, MD, MPH, Lanna Feldman, MS, Clarissa Cheng, Rachel L. DiFazio, PhD, RN, PPCNP-BC, FAAN

Risk Factors for Open Reduction in Operatively Treated Pediatric Both-Bone Forearm Fractures

Andrew Holt, MD, Erica E. Snow, BA, Kevin Shen, BS, Sachin Allahabadi, BS, Mary Riordan, Scott Rosenfeld, MD, Jaclyn Hill, MD

The Effect of Stretcher-Based Hand Tables on Operating Room Efficiency at an Outpatient Surgery Center

Tyler A. Gonzalez, MD, MBA, Spencer J. Stanbury, MD, Ariana N. Mora, BA, W. Emerson Floyd IV, BA, Philip E. Blazar, MD, Brandon E. Earp, MD

Differences in Clinical Presentation of Osteochondritis Dissecans of the Capitellum in Males and Females

Katherine Eisenberg, BS, Mark Wu, BS, Elspeth Hart, PA-C, ATC, Kathryn Williams, MS, Donald S. Bae, MD

Residual Joint Laxity and Increased Cartilage Contact Deformation in ACL Reconstructed Knees

Ali Hosseini, PhD, Willem A. Kernkamp, MD, Nathan H. Varady, BSc, Guoan Li, PhD

Extra-Articular Calcaneo-Tibial Schanz Pin Stabilization for Acute Ankle Trauma

Catherine Logan, MD, Lauren Ehrlichman, MD, Mohammad Ghorbanhoseini, MD, John Y. Kwon, MD

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Value of Surgical Biopsy of Grade IV Sacral Pressure Ulcer

Kempland C. Walley, BSc, Arvind von Keudell, MD, Paul T. Appleton, MD, Edward K. Rodriguez, MD, PhD

Prevalence of Female Athlete Triad Risk Factors among Division III Collegiate Athletes

Emily M. Brook, BA, Emily J. Curry, BA, Elena Losina, PhD, Ellen B. Gurary, MS, Elizabeth G. Matzkin, MD

Variation in Orthopaedic Trauma Management between Haitian and American Orthopaedic Surgeons

Heather J. Roberts, MD, Abhiram R. Bhashyam, MD, MPP, Rameez A. Qudsi, MD, George S. M. Dyer, MD


Musculotendinous Junction Tears of the Subscapularis: A Report of Two Cases

Stuart D. Kinsella, MD, MS, Sean Michael Rider, MD, Emily M. Brook, BA, Jon J.P. Warner, MD, Elizabeth G. Matzkin, MD


Roundtable Discussion: Mission Trips and Longitudinal Program Development in Global Orthopaedics

Rameez A. Qudsi, MD, Arvind von Keudell, MD, George S. M. Dyer, MD, Collin May, MD, R. Malcolm Smith, MD, Brian D. Snyder, MD, PhD, Thomas S. Thornhill, MD

The Orthopaedic Journal at Harvard Medical School Cover, Volume 18, June 2017